Paper to Paddle

CIP, Paper to Paddle

Ping Pong Gone Wrong.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, and when that happens you have to adapt to a new challenge. This was certainly the case with creating my Ping Pong paddle for CASS Paper to Ping Pong exhibition and auction

I had my heart set on a design inspired by Snakes and Monsters, but after creating my prototype, I could see that the design sadly didn’t work on the paddle as well as I had imagined. So I revisited some of my other ideas and developed another of my favourite designs, a woman with a red flower, and her sugar skull counterpart.
IMG_0258Creating my prototype also gave me a chance to address any problems with painting directly onto a wooden ping pong paddle. Once I removed the rubber sides and sanded the paddle, I discovered that it was still uneven, with dimples in the wood so it wouldn’t be great surface to paint directly onto. Fixing this would be my first challenge.

So I took a trip to B&Q in search of wood fillers and after 20 minutes and a cold, windy walk home I was ready to get started.IMG_0223 3 hours and a lot of sanding later, I finally had a paddle to paint on…

IMG_0227A lot of painting, cups of tea and late nights but this is the finished piece…


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