Getting Inspired

Visual Research and Inspiration

Been doing some quick internet searches looking for some inspiration for my new editions project. I want to experiment with collage scanned photography and found objects from my local universe.

One the first artists I came across was Julia Geiser who creates digital collages that are bright, playful and incredibly surreal. I absolutely love the use of vintage images and the dreamy quality to her pieces. In several of Julia Geiser’s work features humans and animals are sliced in pieces. I love the combination of anatomy and beauty that Geiser explores throughout her work.  Check out Julia Geiser’s beautiful work here.

Julia Geiser 4julia geiser 2julia Geiser 3

Another artist I came across Is Eugenia Loli who’s work features scanned photography from vintage magazines and science journals. Loli uses a variety of images and collage to create colourful, lively and beautifully bizarre images. Check out Eugenia Loli’s work here.

loli-3loli-2loli 1



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