HotHouse Talks – Sarah Boris

HotHouse Talks, Visits and Talks

The Hothouse talks showcase industry professionals from across design and illustration Friday’s HotHouse talk was with Sarah Boris.

Sarah Boris is an award winning graphic designer, art director and artist based in London running her design practise. She was Associate Art Director at Phaidon Press until February 2015.

Sarah Boris spoke about how she got her first jobs after graduating with the Barbican as part if their ‘in-house’ design team as a junior graphic designer. She had originally applied to the Barbican for an internship but heard nothing back and assumed she had lost out. Weeks later a position for the junior graphic designer came available and Sarah created a whole new application and, with a bit of persistence, was given the job! From there Sarah Boris’s career has gone from strength to Strength.


ICA Posters I-III (

Sarah Boris has worked since 2005 for organisations which include Tate, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Barbican Centre, the Architecture Foundation, Triangle Network, Gasworks, Hotshoe International, Max Wigram Gallery, Visiting Arts, Fedrigoni and the Royal Philharmonic Society amongst others. Sarah Boris talked about how working on projects like these have shaped her career as a graphic designer and she sees herself going in the future. She discussed her process when designing and what interests her as an artist.

It was great to see some of the incredible work Sarah Boris has done and inspiring to hear how she has grown her career through hard work and dedication. Check out Sarah Boris’ website here.


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