Duke of Uke – The research continues!

CIP, Duke of Uke

As part of my ongoing project for the Duke of Uke, this week I decided to join a ukulele playing group! Armed with a few short questions to get people talking about their experiences and a drink for some Dutch courage, I got started.

My questions were short and fairly open ended; I wanted people to chat freely and thought I would get the best responses from this type of question.

Why did you start playing the Ukulele?
Did you play any instruments beforehand?
What kind of music genres do you enjoy playing?
What do you feel you have gained from playing as a group?

The answers I got were varied, many people talked about how being part of a group helped them gain confidence. Being in a group allowed people to perform with likeminded individuals who share a common passion. Some people spoke about how playing as a group helped to bring music back into their lives and even helped them find skills that they weren’t aware they had.

Overall we decided the best way to describe playing the ukulele is as “A happy, jolly, friendly thing!”




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