Natalie Czech – Poems by Repetition

Visits, Visual Research and Inspiration

Whilst wondering around New York’s Museum of Modern Art I found an amazing series of works Natalie Czech. The Berlin-based artist creates poetry by selecting letters, words or phrases from other texts and recycling them to create poetry. I absolutely love collecting and recycling images/text and objects into my work and really love the idea of recycling known texts into something entirely different and new.
natalie czech

The text reads: I made love to myself in the mirror, kissing my own lips saying “I love myself, I love you more than anything” (Allen Ginsberg//Natalie Czech) Check out more of Natalie Czech amazing work here!

Whilst in NYC one of our smaller tasks was to look at the advertising and text around us and to recycle some of what we saw into a poem, this is mine:

Get out of here!
Big bag man
There’s a missing person on 34th and Penn
Tick Tock! were running out of time
for 24 hour chicken.

I really enjoyed this exercise and plan to keep doing this with other text/ advertising/ music etc


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