New York! New York!

Visits, Visual Research and Inspiration

As part of the study trip for 2016 I went to New York for 4 days, this gave me an amazing opportunity to experience a truly 24 hour city but with studio and gallery visits lined up, it also gave me a glimpse into the process of many other creative practitioners.

The First visit we went on was to the Museum of Modern Art or MOMA. I had no idea how big the museum is!  it was an absolutely amazing experience with over 10,000 contemporary artists work on display. Check out the MOMA here!

It was amazing to see work by one of my favourite artists Jackson Pollock on display.

Jackson Pollock, 1950

My favourite exhibition within MOMA is Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015. This is a longstanding exhibition series of recent photography. There are 19 artists and artist collectives on display with work created specifically for the exhibit.

“Ocean of Images examines various ways of experiencing the world: through images that are born digitally, made with scanners or lenses in the studio or the real world, presented as still or moving pictures, distributed as zines, morphed into three-dimensional objects, or remixed online.”

Photography has always been something that has interested me and after seeing this exhibit, I have a even more interest in it! I would like to use photography more within my own practice, especially film photography, and i think this will give me another way of making sense of the world around me.


As I left MOMA I stumbled across an amazing sculpture, ‘The impossible’ by Maria Martins the pieces “spiky tentacles reach toward each other, the male and female forms in this bronze sculpture are locked in violent opposition. “It is nearly impossible to make people understand each other,” Martins said, suggesting the source of the aggressive interaction depicted here.” This sculpture completely blew my mind! I love the tension and aggression  in the piece. The sculpture makes me think about interpersonal relationships and how sometimes understanding each other can be difficult, it also translates in a much broader sense, with world politics and how it really seems difficult for people around the world to see eye to eye.



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