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Getting Weird, Local Universe

For my Getting Weird Brief, I’ve been looking around my local universe and exploring its history. One part of East London’s history that really interests me is immigration. Over hundreds of years several groups of people have immigrated to the East End, one of the first of these groups was the Huguenots. The French Huguenots escaped persecution during the 16th Century. They were granted sanctuary by King Charles II in 1680 and settled into Spitalfields.

The Huguenots had a huge impact on the Spitalfields, especially the economy. For many years there had been a silk industry of sorts in the area, but with the diligence and skill of Huguenots the industry really thrived. The Spitalfields even became known as Weaver Town. The Huguenots have left a visible mark on the area. Houses, which still remain, are extremely distinctive, with enlarged windows in the attic to let in the maximum light for the weavers. There are also many street names that have a french origin, such as Fournier Street, which was named after George Fournier, a man of Huguenot descent.
For this project I want to tell the story of the Huguenots in a small zine. Ive Started exploring different ways of telling this narrative for my zine and have decided to have very minimal text throughout. focussing primarily on image based story telling. Starting with the Journey from France to England.

I really love the idea of this story being told by the street art the area is known for today so created a quick lino print of bricks. I then used ink and fine liner to create the image of a ship crossing the English channel. I’ve then edited the colours of the bricks in photoshop. Just got to pick one I like…

I really like the blue colours here and the yellow and red!

Printing in progress…

Final Brief, Local Universe

For my final brief of this year I have decided to do a series of prints that inform people about my local area. Inspired by hand drawn maps by Jenni Sparks, I’ve decided to create a print with illustrations about my local universe and then draw into these prints with written info relating to the area.

After spending a few hours in the print rooms and learning a bit more about wood block printing and how to carve the wood, I started on a simple design with illustrations depicting different aspects of London and my local area.


First few prints (above) After printing these with blue block printing ink, I’ve drawn into them slightly with a fine liner as I start building up my ideas. In my favourite print (below) I’ve mixed a bit of white into the blue block printing ink and then drawn into the print, Ive chosen to add Cockney Rhyme slang such as: Trouble and strife = Wife and Rosy Lea = Tea.

FMPRINT1-page-001I really like how these prints have turned out and now that I’m practicing carving wood i hope my next prints will be more detailed and have more illustrations within them. I would like to look more at hidden/unknown parts of my local universe and see if I can translate them into my prints.

Back to my research and sketchbook for now I think…

Final Brief – Ideas

Final Brief, Local Universe

Our final brief for the year in Local Universe we will be to create a piece of visual communication that can exist outside of the studio and in the real world. This piece of work will communicate something about my local universe to someone who might not know it. There are a few outcomes we can explore within this brief:

The final piece of work can be:

A publication
A piece of moving image (minimum three minutes)
Something interactive (website, wireframe for an app)
An event/series of events (workshop, performance, exhibition)
A set of prints (context MUST be considered)

The final outcome that most appeals to me is a set of prints. Ive always liked relief printing and I’ve been interested in exploring wood block printing for a while, so this feels like a good time to get learning.

I’ve done a few quick searches to get inspired as i want my prints to be informative and also fun!

I especially LOVE these hand drawn maps by Jenni Sparks (below) I would love to make a printed map of my Local Universe using elements of the area and its history. Check out Jenni Sparks website here!

jenni spark
I love Annotations reveal characteristics of an area that won’t appear on traditional maps. Dalston comes with a bicycle, plastic-framed glasses and a moustache, Rough Trade has music symbols and the tube lines are one of the only sections of colour throughout the piece.

Im excited to start working on my own map and prints!

Vogue – A Century of Style

Visits, Visits and Talks, Visual Research and Inspiration

So recently I visited the National Portrait Gallery to see an exhibition I’ve been really excited about. Vogue – A Century of Style. Growing up I remember sneaking a look at my mum or my aunts copy of Vogue Magazine. Ive always loved the photography and amazing fashion, although I’ve never really followed fashion myself. The Exhibition was divided into decades of fashion, photography and illustration, starting in 1916 when vogue was founded. One of my favourite photographs is the larger than life portrait of Alexander McQueen taken by Tim Walker (photo below)
Alexander McQueenA Century of Style showcases the remarkable range of photography that has been commissioned by British Vogue, over 280 prints from the Condé Nast archive and international collections being shown together for the first time to tell the story of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world. Check out the National Portrait Galleries website here! the exhibition ends on the 22nd of May!

I couldn’t help grabbing a collection of postcards as I left, Gift shops are my weakness!



Editorial Illustration, Local Universe

Recently we did a short editorial project. This brief required us to create an editorial illustration to accompany a piece of writing. As part of the brief we were asked to select a piece of writing to focus on.

I chose the Strange tale of the Aldgate Station Ghost!
An electrician once fell onto the lines at Aldgate station in London. Instead of dying from the incredible shock he’d been hit with, he was fine. His co-workers saw why…

There are endless stories of ghosts haunting the London Underground but one of the most ‘electrifying’ tales of supernatural activity has to be the strange case of Aldgate and the suspicious spectral old lady who made a shocking appearance in the twentieth century.

Built on the site of a plague pit that was the final resting place for an estimated thousand victims of the Bubonic Plague in 1665, Aldgate Station was opened in 1876. Almost as soon as the trains began rolling in and out, the stories of spooky shenanigans began. A popular early tale relates to Tube staff being able to hear ghostly footsteps in the tunnels only for the noise to abruptly and mysteriously stop. Then an electrician was working at Aldgate one night when he slipped between the tracks, hit the live rail and received a 20,000-volt shock. It could – perhaps should – have killed him, but despite being knocked unconscious by his fall, he survived with minor injuries and made a full recovery.

Nothing particularly paranormal perhaps until the accident investigators interviewed the man’s colleagues and each of them swore that just before his plunge they had seen the half-transparent ghost of an old woman kneeling down beside the electrician and stroking his hair. Whether she was the man’s guardian angel, somehow saving him from a fatal electrocution, or an Angel of Death, malevolently trying to push him through the gap in the tracks, is a matter of opinion.

Spooky huh?!
I found this great little gif! Sadly couldn’t find who made it 😦 I love stuff like this though and I love the contrast between the colourful pops and black and white.

As I explored this piece of text I was really fascinated by the plague pit found underneath the station. I thought this could be a fun idea to mess around with and decided to mix ink drawing and collage. Ive created my skeleton pieces by cutting tube maps, tying in the theme of London Underground being haunted. I kept the ink drawing of the station pretty simple just using black ink and fine liner for the final details. I chose to leave the recognisable underground sign in colour to match the colourful underground skeletons.

Duke of Uke – Final outcomes

CIP, Duke of Uke, Projects

Finally got to the end of our Duke of Uke project for CIP. This live project is a celebration of the 10 year anniversary for the Duke of Uke, a Ukulele and Banjo emporium based on Cheshire Street in East London. Check out their website and grab yourself a new instrument here!

For this brief I chose to explore the 5 visuals for the instagram. After plenty of research I decided on doing 5 images that were based on different seasons/times of celebration throughout the year. I created my initial designs in my sketchbook and then decided to use ink to colour the images and final liner for the fine details. Once I decided on my colour palette for each image I then tested various paper types and settled on khaki handmade paper (which is amazing! and great for ink and watercolours!)

These are my Final outcomes for the Project:
duke of uke1-page-001duke of uke2-page-001duke of uke3-page-001duke of uke4-page-001duke of uke5-page-001

I absolutely love the how these have turned out, and despite how nervous I was to present my ideas to the Duke of Uke I am thrilled that they liked them too and chose to use them! So excited to carry on working and developing these ideas for the 10 year anniversary of a fantastic store!

Posters Experiment

Local Universe, Poster

For my poster project I wanted to play with words and the meaning we associate with them. Ive chosen to focus on “Mind the Rain” playing on London Transports “Mind the Gap” and the wet weather London is known for.

After experimenting with different types of text I’ve chosen to experiment with letter press. I like the texture of letter press as it has a distressed quality to it. When thinking about rain falling on pen or ink, it smudges and takes on a similar distressed look so I feel this could potentially be pretty perfect for my poster.

Ive started looking at using letter letter press with different types of paper to see what different textures I can create. The First paper I’ve tried is 160gsm fine grain cartridge paper, I like the texture here!

The second paper type I’ve tried is 220gsm heavy weight paper. Not too sure of this one, but still have a few more I want to test so only time will tell.