Duke of Uke – Final outcomes

CIP, Duke of Uke, Projects

Finally got to the end of our Duke of Uke project for CIP. This live project is a celebration of the 10 year anniversary for the Duke of Uke, a Ukulele and Banjo emporium based on Cheshire Street in East London. Check out their website and grab yourself a new instrument here!

For this brief I chose to explore the 5 visuals for the instagram. After plenty of research I decided on doing 5 images that were based on different seasons/times of celebration throughout the year. I created my initial designs in my sketchbook and then decided to use ink to colour the images and final liner for the fine details. Once I decided on my colour palette for each image I then tested various paper types and settled on khaki handmade paper (which is amazing! and great for ink and watercolours!)

These are my Final outcomes for the Project:
duke of uke1-page-001duke of uke2-page-001duke of uke3-page-001duke of uke4-page-001duke of uke5-page-001

I absolutely love the how these have turned out, and despite how nervous I was to present my ideas to the Duke of Uke I am thrilled that they liked them too and chose to use them! So excited to carry on working and developing these ideas for the 10 year anniversary of a fantastic store!


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