Final Brief – Ideas

Final Brief, Local Universe

Our final brief for the year in Local Universe we will be to create a piece of visual communication that can exist outside of the studio and in the real world. This piece of work will communicate something about my local universe to someone who might not know it. There are a few outcomes we can explore within this brief:

The final piece of work can be:

A publication
A piece of moving image (minimum three minutes)
Something interactive (website, wireframe for an app)
An event/series of events (workshop, performance, exhibition)
A set of prints (context MUST be considered)

The final outcome that most appeals to me is a set of prints. Ive always liked relief printing and I’ve been interested in exploring wood block printing for a while, so this feels like a good time to get learning.

I’ve done a few quick searches to get inspired as i want my prints to be informative and also fun!

I especially LOVE these hand drawn maps by Jenni Sparks (below) I would love to make a printed map of my Local Universe using elements of the area and its history. Check out Jenni Sparks website here!

jenni spark
I love Annotations reveal characteristics of an area that won’t appear on traditional maps. Dalston comes with a bicycle, plastic-framed glasses and a moustache, Rough Trade has music symbols and the tube lines are one of the only sections of colour throughout the piece.

Im excited to start working on my own map and prints!


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