Printing in progress…

Final Brief, Local Universe

For my final brief of this year I have decided to do a series of prints that inform people about my local area. Inspired by hand drawn maps by Jenni Sparks, I’ve decided to create a print with illustrations about my local universe and then draw into these prints with written info relating to the area.

After spending a few hours in the print rooms and learning a bit more about wood block printing and how to carve the wood, I started on a simple design with illustrations depicting different aspects of London and my local area.


First few prints (above) After printing these with blue block printing ink, I’ve drawn into them slightly with a fine liner as I start building up my ideas. In my favourite print (below) I’ve mixed a bit of white into the blue block printing ink and then drawn into the print, Ive chosen to add Cockney Rhyme slang such as: Trouble and strife = Wife and Rosy Lea = Tea.

FMPRINT1-page-001I really like how these prints have turned out and now that I’m practicing carving wood i hope my next prints will be more detailed and have more illustrations within them. I would like to look more at hidden/unknown parts of my local universe and see if I can translate them into my prints.

Back to my research and sketchbook for now I think…


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