Weird Journeys

Getting Weird, Local Universe

For my Getting Weird Brief, I’ve been looking around my local universe and exploring its history. One part of East London’s history that really interests me is immigration. Over hundreds of years several groups of people have immigrated to the East End, one of the first of these groups was the Huguenots. The French Huguenots escaped persecution during the 16th Century. They were granted sanctuary by King Charles II in 1680 and settled into Spitalfields.

The Huguenots had a huge impact on the Spitalfields, especially the economy. For many years there had been a silk industry of sorts in the area, but with the diligence and skill of Huguenots the industry really thrived. The Spitalfields even became known as Weaver Town. The Huguenots have left a visible mark on the area. Houses, which still remain, are extremely distinctive, with enlarged windows in the attic to let in the maximum light for the weavers. There are also many street names that have a french origin, such as Fournier Street, which was named after George Fournier, a man of Huguenot descent.
For this project I want to tell the story of the Huguenots in a small zine. Ive Started exploring different ways of telling this narrative for my zine and have decided to have very minimal text throughout. focussing primarily on image based story telling. Starting with the Journey from France to England.

I really love the idea of this story being told by the street art the area is known for today so created a quick lino print of bricks. I then used ink and fine liner to create the image of a ship crossing the English channel. I’ve then edited the colours of the bricks in photoshop. Just got to pick one I like…

I really like the blue colours here and the yellow and red!


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