Animation Tests

Animation, Local Universe

Today I have been catching up on a few projects and decided to test a few ideas for my animation. I haven’t really known where to start this project and have found it a bit daunting but decided to just start with something pretty simple and hope for the best.

For my first test I’ve handwritten ‘Local Universe’ in different colours, then added plants growing around the text. To do this I’ve scanned each page and made one addition each time. I then used an on online gif maker, setting the speed to 450milliseconds between 72 images on a constant loop.localuniverse1
I really like how this has turned out! for a first attempt it went pretty smoothly. It is a little bit jumpy at times and the background changes colour at one point. Next time I’ll may a bit more attention to editing the images once the have been scanned. I think this test has been pretty successful overall and it was pretty quick to put together.

My second test is just two images that I’ve taken from my first test. I love how simple this is, I could totally use this technique in my final animation.
local universe2


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