Buildings, Local Universe

Throughout the year I have explored my local universe. My local universe is the area surrounding Commercial Road and the university, it includes Aldgate, Brick Lane, the Spitalfields market, Hackney, Tower Hill and Whitechapel. East London has a vibrant and diverse history, home to many who immigrated to London over hundreds of years.

Many immigrants would have arrived in London at the local city docks. In the 17th century it became the home of many Huguenot refugees who fled from persecution in France. Weavers by trade, they worked in Spitalfields, the home of London’s master weavers.

More recently the area has become home to the Bangladeshi community, Brick lane in particular is known for some of the best Indian restaurants in London. When I first started exploring this area one of the first things I started to notice was the architecture in the area.

The architecture in East London is a combination of 19th Century town houses that survived the Blitz. Brutalist architecture which was popular after the Second World War, and more modern modern designs like the Swiss RE Tower. (which I often spot on my walk to uni 🙂 )

I started exploring the architecture of my local universe by walking through the area and photographing interesting features of buildings and man made spaces in the area.

Inspired by the architecture in the area we then had a workshop in the studio. During the workshop we created images in response to the area by using lots of materials to create marks. This was fun as it required making our own mark making tools and then using inks and paints to construct the image. It was also great to experiment with different materials using found everyday items like coffee cups, cardboard and bubble wrap. My images kinda became collages as well as I incorporated some found items to create different textures.



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