Visual Identity

CIP, visual identity

As part of CIP we have to consider our own visual identity that represents who we are as artists and creative practitioners. A visual identity is the visual articulation of an individual or group. it includes all pertinent design applications, such as banners, business cards, logos, packaging of work, among many other possible applications.

Basically, it’s using visual communication as a way to tell people who you are.

As I have considered my logo I’ve realised that one of the most important aspects of this will be consistency throughout my work. I want my logo to be simple and easy to replicate so with this in mind chose to make a small, circular, lino cut stamp. I then tested my abstract design with block printing ink. IMG_20160513_0004-page-001I like the versatility of using a stamp, it’s pretty quick to stamp my design onto various materials, I also love the texture of lino printing. As I develop this idea I think I will add a handwritten signature underneath the print.

After Printing  loads of my design, I thought it would be fun to create a few gifs of my logo spinning. I scanned my design, then used photoshop to rotate my design by 10 degrees. I needed 36 rotations to create the 360 degree turn for the design to spin. This left me with 36 images that I used to create my gif.

I absolutely love how these little spinning circles have turned out 🙂

I used Silver/Black block printing ink and mixed red and blue to create the burgundy colour. Blue, silver/black, burgundy and red are my favourite colours so I naturally tend to gravitate towards them. However I think these could look really nice in bright or even neon colours, so will experiment more with colour.


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