Editions-Final Outcomes

Edition, Local Universe

For my Editions Project (Possibly my favourite project) I created an edition of prints. To create these prints I used collage, which is something I’ve always enjoyed 🙂 I created the images by layering collage and scanning each layer as I went. I used some of the same elements in most images so there are similar patters and textures in each print. The images focus on the life of Frances Shea, the first wife of Reggie Kray. As I’ve created the collages I’ve tried to use items found in my Local Universe and the East End as much as I can, I felt this was important as Frances Shea’s life is intertwined with the East End.

I created an Edition of 5 A3 prints and 25 A5 prints. To accompany these prints I created a small a5 card that explained a little about Frances Shea and her life, On the front of the print I chose a blown up/slightly distorted version of a pattern that I’ve repeated through the prints.


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