Artist Profile / Abby Vickers

Visual Research and Inspiration

Abby Vickers is an artist, graphic designer and photographer using a range of different mediums in her work. With a strong link to the past Abby’s work references historical events with a bright view to the future. Now in the final year of her degree I took a moment to ask Abby a bit more about her creative practice…

Can you tell me about your relationship with photography and how this informs your work?
I’m mostly a self-taught photographer although I briefly studied it at college. It’s a big influence on my work, it’s given me skills In photo shop which I often use for digital illustration.

A lot of work references historical events, is there a particular time period that inspires you?
It kind of depends on the brief or idea I’m working on but I tend to look at the Second World War or just after it, there was so much change during this period that there’s always a story to be told


Abby Vickers ‘The Battle of Bow’

How has your creative practice evolved through university?
It’s been a bit all over the place in terms of style but what’s really developed for me at university is my design choices. At the start of year 1 my work was very superficial, I kinda designed things that looked nice, now I really spend time thinking about why I’m making those design choices which overall has made me produce better work

“I tend to look at the Second World War or just after it, there was so much change during this period that there’s always a story to be told”



Where do you see your see your creative practice going in the future?
I honestly don’t know right now, I enjoy working digitally the most so I hope to be improving those skills, I’ve never really had one big goal in mind it’s more of a bucket list of things I would like to try.

If you could spend a day learning from another artist (living or dead) who would it be and why?
Sandra Dieckmann, she’s an illustrator currently working in a studio called Studio Mama Wolf. I love the texture and fantasy element her work has, I’ve been inspired by her work for ages and would love to see her process of turning drawings to digital illustrations.

You can explore more of Abbie’s work on her blog here!


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