Experiments / Colour and Texture

Inventivity / Level 6, On Your Marks / Oh Gee, Pie!

Diving straight into my first brief I wanted to experiment with colour and texture for Oh Gee, Pie!

I wanted to start by looking into different ingredients of different American style pies like Key Lime pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple pies and Pecan Pies, I wanted to look primarily at the textures and colours within some of the key ingredients such as the pecans in Pecan pie and apples in Apple pies.

I started by using different fruits to create quick prints using different coloured inks, these are really nice and I really liked the level of detail captured, I used a fine liner on some of these prints to outline different segments of the fruits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then created some different pieces of work focussing on colour, I added spots of vibrant colours with watercolour and ink and then used a fine liner to add other details I felt could be important.

I think these have been quite successful as they have given me some ideas to work with, I really liked the more abstract pieces such as the Apple pie and the Pecan pie, I think these could be really nice to use for aspects of packaging. I think the Pumpkin pie piece is a bit too literal, its really obviously pumpkins and whist I do like the colours here I don’t think this works as well as the more abstract work.


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