Oh Gee, Pie! / Concept Board

Inventivity / Level 6, On Your Marks / Oh Gee, Pie!

A Concept Board is a way to help a client visualise how their brand might look and feel. It takes key components of the brand identity and allows the client to get a visual sense of what their band could become.

I wanted my concept board to have images relating to different aspects of the visual identity of Oh Gee, Pie! When I think of Oh Gee, Pie! I think of Shoreditch and East London, stylish cafes with a vintage edge to the design, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but ultimately delicious food!

There is something wonderful about sitting round a table sharing a meal, surrounded by friends and family. The sound of conversation around you, the smells of the different foods taking you back to your childhood, Familiarity. You are wrapped in love and belonging. These are your people, this is your food. Welcome Home.

This is the feeling I want to create as the brand identity for OGP.

As I created my concept board I looked at the brand Values of OGP and picked out what I thought would important going forward in my design work: Family, Togetherness, Community, Local, Fresh and Handmade. It took a while to find a font that reflected my visual identity I settled on ‘Typewriter’ as I felt this suited the vintage, nostalgic feel I am going for.


I’ve been considering a few different tag lines for OGP and I think the one that most reflects the style and feel of the brand identity is ‘Welcome Home’ I want to explore how I could use this as the starting point for the tone of voice the brand will have and how it can communicated to its audience.


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