Screen Printing / CASS Open Day

Projects, Visual Research and Inspiration

Last Thursday we had an open day at the CASS. It’s a chance to show potential students our creative hub and tell them a bit about the CASS, the course and why they might want to study here.

Me, João and Lisa spent the day creating an edition of 150 screen prints with the very talented Alistair Hall of We Made This.

screen prints are made by using a fine mesh material fixed to a wooden frame. A stencil is placed under the screen and ink forced through the stencil onto the material below creating the finished print. I find screen printing is best for vibrant blocks of colour and for creating large numbers of original work so perfect for creating this edition. Screen print is also a really hands on form of printing so would be fun for potential students to try too.

When screen printing multiple colours it tends to be best to work from the lightest colour to the darkest. The design we were working with has 3 layers of colour and shape, the lightest layer is a yellow diamond and then a vibrant blue circle and finally a magenta circle.

To start our prints, we had to first create stencils for each layer of colour, we used paper stencils with each shape cut into the center and taped this to the screen. Once the ink goes through the stencil it will create a clean block of colour. Because we wanted the prints to be consistent we used a template of the design under a sheet of acetate to check the print would be in the correct place on the page, we then used tape and paper to create a guide for each piece of paper we wanted to print onto.

We used this same process for each layer which helped us to create very consistent set of prints. We also used this process of using acetate and a template to check the position of the text before stamping the silver “LOVE” above the printed design and “PRINT” below it.




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