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One of my favourite visits so far was to the Museum of Brands just a few minutes walk away from Portobello Market and Ladbroke Grove in west London. This Museum is a treasure trove of brands and advertising dating back to the 1800’s. As you walk through the museum you are guided through each decade of advertising, from Victorian brands and pre World War 1 all the way through to modern day Britain with the final wall showing memorabilia from the popular boy band One Direction! (seriously..)

The museum as created by Robert Opie who saw the need to unravel the fascinating story of how consumer products and promotion had evolved since the Victorian era. By 1975 Robert had enough material to hold his own exhibition, The Pack Age, at the Victoria & Albert Museum. After a sixteen-year career in market research, he opened the first museum devoted to the history of packaging and advertising in Gloucester in 1984 and later opened his current museum in Ladbroke Grove.

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“I was struck by the idea that I should save the packaging which would otherwise surely disappear forever. The collection offers evidence of a dynamic commercial system that delivers thousands of desirable items from all corners of the world, a feat arguably more complex than sending man to the Moon, but one still taken for granted.” 

This museum really reflects how different world events such as war, changes in political powers, exhibitions, television and marketing trends also effect the way we advertise products to the public. Its truly a fascination view of consumer trends over a century within Britain and shows how public opinions have also changed as we have more and more information at our fingertips.

Check out the Museums website here! they also have some beautiful scrapbooks of advertising for each decade in their gift shop (Im such a sucker for a gift shop!) I couldn’t help but grab myself one from the 1960’s!



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