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Amazon Fresh – Research 

For the last few weeks I’ve been diving into research for my D&AD Design Competition brief. I’ve chosen to pursue the Amazon Fresh brief and create and and define an identity or persona to drive the way the brand is expressed through content.

Amazon Fresh is a new way to stock your cupboards with delicious groceries. It brings all the ease and reliability of Amazon.co.uk to your weekly shop, including specialities from local shops and markets, all delivered in one-hour slots, including same day delivery.

The first thing that strikes me when looking at this brief is use of speciality ingredients from local food shops and markets, I haven’t really seen this before with online groceries so this is definitely an important aspect I would like to emphasise.

Other points I would like to focus on through this brief that you can have your food delivery in an 1hour slot from 7am till 11pm and you could even have same day delivery! You can also order online and on the app which is really convenient.

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To start my research, I’ve looked at other advertising campaigns for online groceries (Sainsburys, Tesco, Ocado/Waitrose, Morrisons, Asda, Marks and Spencer) focusing print and TV advertising. As I’ve looked at this advertising I’ve been focusing on the message and tone of voice in each advert, whether a character is used or a celebrity. I have also been looking at the types of food being used in the adverts and how the food is shown on screen, whether it is being prepared, as separate ingredients or fully dressed on a plate about to be eaten.


Print campaigns


Print campaigns

Marks and Spencer

Print Campaigns


Print Campaigns 


Print campaigns

Waitrose / Ocado 

Print campaigns



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