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Jabberwocky Cafe, Projects

As my cafe concept centres around books, reading, literacy and education. I have chosen the name ‘Jabberwocky’.

This name is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Adventures of Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and the nonsense poem ‘Jabberwocky’. In the Book the poem is discovered by Alice in Looking Glass Land after she meets the Chess piece characters the White King and White Queen. Alice finds a book written in a seemingly unintelligible language. Realising that she is travelling through an inverted world, she recognises that the verses on the pages are written in mirror writing. She holds a mirror to one of the poems, and reads the reflected verse of “Jabberwocky”.

I like this name for a few reasons, firstly because for Alice in the book, she starts by not understanding the text at all and through her own exploration and learning discovers a way to read and understand it, much like people first learning to read.
Its also a name taken from one of the most famous and loved series of novels by Lewis Carroll and people tend to recognise the name even if they haven’t read the books, perhaps it could inspire people to want to pick the novel up and try it them selves. Finally ‘Jabberwocky’ is considered to be one of the best nonsense poems in the english language and from it we have taken neologisms like ‘Chortle’ and given them new meaning in our language today, it shows the ever changing landscape of the english language and that we are still adding new words to it, even now.
I want my cafe to be a warm and inviting space for people to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sit back with a book and hot drink. I also want this to be a space for education and for learning new skills together. When I imagine what this space might be I picture warm colours, cosy spaces and homely lighting and I’m really inspired by the autumn season natural colours of reds, oranges, yellows, browns and gold.  I’ve collected some images that inspire me and will use these as I create my concept boards and colour pallets going forward. Mood Boards and inspo for Cafe of the Future -page-001Mood Boards and inspo for Cafe of the Future -page-002Mood Boards and inspo for Cafe of the Future -page-003


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