Jabberwocky / Pattern

Jabberwocky Cafe

As part of my Cafe I wanted to create a card that could be given to customers with their drink order, inviting them to grab a pen and draw or write about a scene from their favourite book, these could then be pinned up on a board in the cafe for others to view and perhaps choose to try a new book based only on a strangers imaginings from it. I wanted something that would be really simple and could be created in lots of colours and also reused in different ways. So decided to use lino and create a simple tea cup design and a water based printing ink to print it.

I want my cafe to have consistent designed elements so used the same lino cut design and photoshop to create a pattern that could be used as part of the interior as a feature wall and also on items such as takeaway drink cups, napkins, and bags.

I started by creating around 30 different variations of the design and experimenting with size and colour and then choosing 10 strong designs and experimenting further with these to create some interesting patterns and finally settling on 3 designs that I feel could really work for my idea. I will now print these designs to see how they work on a larger scale and test them as possible designs for packaging, cups etc.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the designs above these are the 3 I want to test further, and hopefully from these I will end up with 1 that I will use!

Wallpaper 14 (orange)
Wallpaper 16 (orange red)
Wallpaper 15 (orange red)


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