FMP / Animation Test

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6

As part of my on going final major project, I want to create an animation using stop motion. My plan is to use elements of my own illustrations for my brand ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ to tell the story of cabinets of curiosities and of the journey of my own research and exploration of my theme.

To test my animation idea, I started by setting up my own little home studio to work out my layout. Ive decided to use 24fp/s as this should have a good speed and decided to use my DSLR camera to get clear/clean images that can be easily edited at a later stage and 2 lights to create and keep a constant light source keeping each image consistent.

This is my first text that I have made into a short gif. Using this short test I have been able to work out any problems at the beginning of this project rather than having to solve problems later in the animation which could be harder to solve. This has helped me to work out where my light source needed to be and how bright I wanted it, where the camera needed to be and if I would have any issues keeping each image consistent without any ‘camera shake’.

Test 1:




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