FMP / Animation Test 2

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6

As I now come to the end of my FMP I have been creating and testing a short stop animation that has a bit of fun with my FMP theme of cabinets of curiosities and explain a bit more about my own enterprise Bizarre Bazaar. I story boarded my animation idea and decided to play with some main elements from my own exploration, development and live enterprise (Spitalfields Market Stall on 07/05/2017)

The first element I’ve chosen to use is my illustrated moth (also used in my logo design).  A clock with spinning hands illustrating the passage of time. This is a key element as cabinets of curiosities are seeped in history and the history of London is important to me as it inspires my work. Ive also used elements of an illustration/print that I used for my stand and had reprinted for sale and butterflies created from vintage newspapers bought in the spitalfields market from 1898 and 1909, reenforcing my connection to Victorian cabinets of curiosities and my own interest in Victorian London and the Spitalfields market where I chose to sell my work. Another element I have chosen to use is a lino printed skull.

Skulls feature in a lot of cabinets of curiosities and provide a link to natural human curiosity – trying to understand exactly what makes us, us? 

bell jar

My creation. A bell jar created through lino print and hand drawn insects within 

After planning out and setting up a space to photograph each section of my animation, I then took my time to ensure that each image would make sense in the series and limit the amount of camera shake. I used 2 light sources to keep a continuous light and decided not to use any natural lights along side this as there would be subtle changes in the light through out the day.


I then edited various versions of the animation until I had a couple that I was happy with and thought illustrated my theme well whilst being interesting to watch.

My final animation:

Bizarre Bazaar1 2.gif


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