FMP / Inspiration For My Animation

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6

As I’ve created my own stop motion animation as part of own final major project, I’ve been looking over different styles of animation to provide me with some inspiration and shape my own ideas. I am really inspired by interesting animation and love how it can be used to visually communicate themes and narratives. I especially love stop motion animation and have been really inspired by films such as ‘Coraline’, ‘Nightmare before Christmas’, ‘Chicken Run’ and ‘Corpse Bride’. I find Tim Burton’s work is really imaginative and visually exciting to me, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a film that really inspired me as a child and has become a tradition for me to re-watch on christmas eve!

The process of creating ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is quite amazing. With a frame rate of 24 frames to a second and over 110,000 frames all together, each minute of the film took over a week to create and the process lasted over 3 years! fascinated by the holiday celebrations, Tim Burton based the story of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ on a poem he wrote in the 1980’s. It was not until 1990 that the development and production of the film  would take place and it was finally released in 1993.


It was late one fall in Halloweenland,
and the air had quite a chill.
Against the moon a skeleton sat,
alone upon a hill.
He was tall and thin with a bat bow tie;
Jack Skellington was his name.
He was tired and bored in Halloweenland…

‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is one of the defining films in the history of stop motion and has been a huge inspiration for me growing up and even more so as an adult.

I have continued my research for my own short animation by looking at music videos such as the french band Zoufris Maracas- Un Gamin. Zoufris Maracas have some incredibly creative and imaginative music videos using a wide range of different mediums from stop motion to collage and photomontage. Ive explored work by some of my favourite artists like the incredibly talented Katie Scott’s work for ‘Botanicum’ and ‘Animalium’, and of corse simply searching ‘Stop motion and animation’ into youtube has some fantastic results and plenty of inspiration!



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