Jabberwocky / Illustrations

Inventivity / Level 6, Jabberwocky Cafe

As I develop my cafe I’ve decided to explore the characters within some of the most famous books and stories and using ink, water colour and fine liner I illustrated some of the characters.

IMG_20170323_0001 copy 2-page-001IMG_20170323_0001 copy 3-page-001Full imageAfter creating a few different illustrations I decided to focus on my colourful illustrations    which are very inspired by illustrated book covers such as Harry Potter, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and Life of Pi. I really like the style of these illustrations, they are bright and colourful and with a mixture of ink and watercolour they are slightly whimsical and fun. I also considered using just one colour for all the illustrations and playing with shading. Because this will be for a cafe concept i wanted it to relate to my cafe so decided to try using tea and coffee as my painting medium.
IMG_20170323_0001 copy-page-001
Coffee and tea made pretty good painting mediums but and were pretty fun to work with, I painted this in layers (light to dark) and added some rings from coffee cups. I think this came out really well but over all I preferred my colourful version.

As I developed this idea further I decided to test this page of illustrations a a menu design and thought up some names for drinks based of these books and characters. The names I chose were: Chershire Cat Cappuccino, The Count’s Red Tea, Gandalf Earl Grey, Frank’s Green Tea, Pan Galactic Gargle Buster Iced Tea, Jekyll and Hyde Chilli Chocolate, Butterbeer and Charlie and the Chococino. The names are a bit tongue in cheek and along with the illustrations its pretty obvious what book I’m referring to.
As much as I like this menu idea, I don’t like the hand written titles along side the illustrations so decided to scan this and isolate each illustration, once edited I could then experiment with image and test to create a unique menu. I also decided to add more detail to this menu and create short explanations of the drinks to give them more personality and develop my brand voice.

Menu descriptions-page-001This is my finished Menu idea, The Typeface is Castillo MT, I also decided to test having black text so that the colour in my illustrations becomes the main feature as well as colour text which compliments the colours in the illustrations.

Menu Design with text colourMenu Design with text correct



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