Jabberwocky / Tag Line

Jabberwocky Cafe

My cafe for the future concept is based around literacy and reading. The National Literacy Trust UK found that 1 in 6 individuals in the UK struggle to read and write, a skill which could impact their future opportunities. The concept of my cafe is to have a space inspired by books, where individuals can step out of the hectic world and settle down with a book and a hot drink. I want to have different workshops in my space to help people of all ages improve their reading and writing. I also want my space to have authors and poets come in to talk about their work and help to inspire more individuals to pick up a pen and put their ideas on a page.  

My Cafe is going to be a fun and exciting space inspired by the characters from famous books and quotes from writers and poets, a space to be inspired yourself. Ive started by looking at quotes and poems that reflect my cause and can inspire others. 

These quotes are all really lovely and have helped to shape some of my ideas and help me to create a tag line to use with my own cafe, Jabberwocky. Ive chosen to use the tag line

Every adventure starts with a first sip!

This tagline really reflects my themes and ideas,  My Cafe is based on reading and literacy, community and of course, food and drink! Stepping out of every day life for a moment and sitting back with a book and a drink, the stories with in the books are the adventure. This can also reflect the adventure of learning and improving a new skill such as literacy and writing. Literally starting a new journey or adventure filled with challenges and achievements. On another level my tag line is inspired by the quote from the Cheshire Cat in The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland “Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here.” So this also has a real connection to the “Jabberwocky” name that I have chosen.



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