D&AD / Work Placement

D&AD, Inventivity / Level 6

I completed over 60 hours of my work placement for my D&AD Brief with an organisation doing some amazing work, Cancer Research UK. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with the Infographics and Design / Social Media department and get a first hand look at how design work for one of the most well known charities in the UK is created. I spent the first few days of my work placements learning about how different aspects of the brand identity of CRUK is used on a variety of different platforms,  from print to web and 3D branded objects and shops.

The project I was given responsibility of was to create a leaflet to promote the Tobacco Tax Symposium being held by Cancer Research UK during the World Cancer Congress 2016, being held in Paris. The Conference sees thousands of experts of cancer research around the world. To create this leaflet I had to meet with my client, discuss and agree on specifics of a brief. Once agreed I would then use adobe InDesign and Illustrator to create a visually exciting leaflet that meets the clients needs.

I met and liaised with internal and external printers to find the best and most economic way to print the leaflets and then met with the client to show updates on the design and ask for feedback, check any specific details and then agree specific elements such as the cost of printing and all final details, like the times/dates and locations (Ive learned that things can change so its important to keep checking details at each meeting)

Below is my document kept to record details of my day to day work during my work placement.


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