FMP / 3D Props

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6

As my FMP is starting to take shape, Ive set myself a schedule to create all my products and been looking at different props to use on my stand as furniture. I wanted to create my own sculpture to have on my stand and after finding a glass bell jar online I decided to create a wire tree that could be decorated with insects.

I wanted my prop to have a connection to the area and the market so decided to create a wire free and to have butterflies along the branches. Similar to the Monarch Butterfly migration, where millions of butterflies crowd onto trees in Mexico.

To create my wire tree I used 0.8ml wire so it would be malleable, and then cut 5 long pieces of wire, folded it in half and used players to twist into the shape of a tree branch. Once i had 5 of these longer branches. I made a couple of smaller branches to add on later. I used a lid of a decoupage box as the base and painted it antique gold. The butterflies were creating using a stamp and cut from a vintage magazine that I found a few years ago in the Spitalfields market.  This seemed like a good time to finally use it 🙂

The finished Tree, with butterflies applied using hot glue.

The finished sculpture on my Stand in the Spitalfields market.



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