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CIP, Duke of Uke

To finish my Duke of Uke Brief, I have created some instagram visuals. This is a great way way to see how my designs would look on social media. Ive loved this brief and I am very happy with my final illustrations.
iPhone_5_instagram_templateduke of uke instagram ideas


Duke of Uke – Final outcomes

CIP, Duke of Uke, Projects

Finally got to the end of our Duke of Uke project for CIP. This live project is a celebration of the 10 year anniversary for the Duke of Uke, a Ukulele and Banjo emporium based on Cheshire Street in East London. Check out their website and grab yourself a new instrument here!

For this brief I chose to explore the 5 visuals for the instagram. After plenty of research I decided on doing 5 images that were based on different seasons/times of celebration throughout the year. I created my initial designs in my sketchbook and then decided to use ink to colour the images and final liner for the fine details. Once I decided on my colour palette for each image I then tested various paper types and settled on khaki handmade paper (which is amazing! and great for ink and watercolours!)

These are my Final outcomes for the Project:
duke of uke1-page-001duke of uke2-page-001duke of uke3-page-001duke of uke4-page-001duke of uke5-page-001

I absolutely love the how these have turned out, and despite how nervous I was to present my ideas to the Duke of Uke I am thrilled that they liked them too and chose to use them! So excited to carry on working and developing these ideas for the 10 year anniversary of a fantastic store!

Duke of Uke – The research continues!

CIP, Duke of Uke

As part of my ongoing project for the Duke of Uke, this week I decided to join a ukulele playing group! Armed with a few short questions to get people talking about their experiences and a drink for some Dutch courage, I got started.

My questions were short and fairly open ended; I wanted people to chat freely and thought I would get the best responses from this type of question.

Why did you start playing the Ukulele?
Did you play any instruments beforehand?
What kind of music genres do you enjoy playing?
What do you feel you have gained from playing as a group?

The answers I got were varied, many people talked about how being part of a group helped them gain confidence. Being in a group allowed people to perform with likeminded individuals who share a common passion. Some people spoke about how playing as a group helped to bring music back into their lives and even helped them find skills that they weren’t aware they had.

Overall we decided the best way to describe playing the ukulele is as “A happy, jolly, friendly thing!”



Duke of Uke

CIP, Duke of Uke, Visual Research and Inspiration

For our current CIP Project we are creating visuals showcasing the spirit of the Duke of Uke.

duke of uke 2

Duke of Uke is London’s only Ukulele emporium, based on Cheshire Street in East London they stock a huge collection of ukulele’s, banjo’s, guitars, acoustic bass guitars and countless other musical instruments and accessories. Check out their website here!

Not only a Ukulele emporium the Duke of Uke is community of seasoned players and complete beginners to the instrument. They offer ukulele courses, private lessons and organise events and gigs!

duke of uke 5

This year (2016) Duke of Uke will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary! Within CIP we have the opportunity to help celebrate this landmark and create visuals showcasing the spirit and energy of the Duke of Uke.

Through this project we have the opportunity to create an illustration based window display in either 2D or 3D form, an informative or entertaining gif animation for the Duke of Uke, 5 Visuals for Instagram and posting strategy and a visual identity for the 10th anniversary.

I’m currently stuck between creating  a gif animation for the Duke of Uke, and creating the 5 visuals for the Instagram. As I research the Ukulele and those who play it (both in groups and professionally) I hope my choice will become clearer.

To start my research, I’ve looked at the Duke of Uke’s current social media and website and picked out current art work and images. This will give me a clear idea of their style and current branding and help me pick out elements I can use in my own work for them.