Paper to Paddle

CIP, Paper to Paddle

Ping Pong Gone Wrong.

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, and when that happens you have to adapt to a new challenge. This was certainly the case with creating my Ping Pong paddle for CASS Paper to Ping Pong exhibition and auction

I had my heart set on a design inspired by Snakes and Monsters, but after creating my prototype, I could see that the design sadly didn’t work on the paddle as well as I had imagined. So I revisited some of my other ideas and developed another of my favourite designs, a woman with a red flower, and her sugar skull counterpart.
IMG_0258Creating my prototype also gave me a chance to address any problems with painting directly onto a wooden ping pong paddle. Once I removed the rubber sides and sanded the paddle, I discovered that it was still uneven, with dimples in the wood so it wouldn’t be great surface to paint directly onto. Fixing this would be my first challenge.

So I took a trip to B&Q in search of wood fillers and after 20 minutes and a cold, windy walk home I was ready to get started.IMG_0223 3 hours and a lot of sanding later, I finally had a paddle to paint on…

IMG_0227A lot of painting, cups of tea and late nights but this is the finished piece…


The Art of Ping Pong

CIP, Paper to Paddle

Our first project this year was in association with Fivefootsix a brand and design studio based in London. Fivefootsix collaborate with many clients but for 5 years they’ve been working with BBC Children in Need, focusing on not only their core brand but most importantly their fundraising initiatives. One of these initiatives is The Art of Ping Pong which the Studio created in 2013. They invited ten exciting artists and illustrators to create unique ping pong paddle artworks which were then auctioned off. This year we were invited to create our own bespoke bats one of which would be selected to join this years artists in their online auction.  For more information about The Art of Ping Pong and Children in Need follow this link to Fivefootsix’s website.