Final Print of the Final Project

Final Brief

Ive finally reached the end of my Final project for my studio Local Universe. I’ve had a lot of fun putting this project together! This project also gave me a great excuse to learn a new skill in wood cutting. I created 10 Editions of my prints in 2 designs and then added text and detail with fine liner, each print has been printed and drawn into by hand so they are all and different and individual.

I also created a quick video of the Final Print being drawn into, Music used is Un Gamin by Zoufris Maracas!

Each print is a celebration of my Local Universe and of East London i chose to name the project “E1”. I also decided it would be nice to have something relating to the area to accompany my prints, this would also help to bring context into it. I collected some fruit candies and mango puddings from Brick Lane, hand printed a design onto come small manila tags. I then tied the selection of sweets together with twine string to match the neutral colour of the tags. Ive called these “Hidden Treasure” As I feel it reflects the idea of discovering East London.

I’m so happy with how these have turned out and I think the prints look great with the ‘Hidden Treasure” Sweets bags! If I was to do this project again, I think I would use a larger range of colours in my wood cut prints, perhaps brighter colours like orange, red, yellow, bright greens. Over all I’m really happy with my final outcomes 🙂


Editions-Final Outcomes

Edition, Local Universe

For my Editions Project (Possibly my favourite project) I created an edition of prints. To create these prints I used collage, which is something I’ve always enjoyed 🙂 I created the images by layering collage and scanning each layer as I went. I used some of the same elements in most images so there are similar patters and textures in each print. The images focus on the life of Frances Shea, the first wife of Reggie Kray. As I’ve created the collages I’ve tried to use items found in my Local Universe and the East End as much as I can, I felt this was important as Frances Shea’s life is intertwined with the East End.

I created an Edition of 5 A3 prints and 25 A5 prints. To accompany these prints I created a small a5 card that explained a little about Frances Shea and her life, On the front of the print I chose a blown up/slightly distorted version of a pattern that I’ve repeated through the prints.

Final Outcomes

Local Universe, Poster

After my initial experiments with letter press and paper type I decided to go ahead with 160gsm fine grain paper. I started out with A1 as I could cut this down easily, I would always rather have too much paper than too little. After creating a boarder of lino cut rain drops, I set out my text and letter pressed it.

image image
Im pretty chuffed with how these turned out. Initially I was only going to use the blue printing ink but I loved the darker silver so much that I chose to use it to and ended up with 2 final posters. 🙂

Characters in my Local Universe

Local Universe, People

Finally finished some work for one of the early studio briefs. For this brief we were asked to create a character from our local universe, After struggling to start the project, I finally chose the infamous Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper is the best known name given to an unidentified serial killer generally believed to have been active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888. He is believed to have murdered 5 women in the white chapel area,  Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly.

I used ink and fine liner to create my Jack the Ripper character, since no one knows what Jack the Ripper looked like, this gave me a blank canvas to work on. There were many rumours that Jack the Ripper was a surgeon or doctor, this is a profession normally associated with upstanding members of communities so I decided to give my Ripper two faces to reflect this. Sort of like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Small Structures.

Buildings, Local Universe

About a million years ago I cut up an amazon box and made little buildings… finally I’ve got round to photographing these little 3D structures! Im not that into making 3D structures but these were pretty fun. I used a huge amazon box, found items (like coffee cup sleeves), masking tape and a hot glue gun. Once I had created the structure I permanent marker to add windows and decoration. Glad I gave this a go, but 3D still isn’t for me.

Printing tags

CIP, Final Brief, Local Universe, visual identity

As I reach the end of my final project for my studio and further develop my visual identity in CIP. I’ve realised that my visual identity should be visible in all of my projects and should also be consistent. Ive already created a lino stamp with an abstract design, (that I may use as a logo) so decided to use this and print the design on to small tags i’ll use to package my final Local Universe editions.

I also made a quick video showing my process.

(the music I’ve used in my video is ‘Un Gamin – Zoufris Maracas 🙂 )

I really like the white block printing ink on these little manila tags, Block printing ink also tends to dry pretty quickly, so thats a bonus!


Buildings, Local Universe

Throughout the year I have explored my local universe. My local universe is the area surrounding Commercial Road and the university, it includes Aldgate, Brick Lane, the Spitalfields market, Hackney, Tower Hill and Whitechapel. East London has a vibrant and diverse history, home to many who immigrated to London over hundreds of years.

Many immigrants would have arrived in London at the local city docks. In the 17th century it became the home of many Huguenot refugees who fled from persecution in France. Weavers by trade, they worked in Spitalfields, the home of London’s master weavers.

More recently the area has become home to the Bangladeshi community, Brick lane in particular is known for some of the best Indian restaurants in London. When I first started exploring this area one of the first things I started to notice was the architecture in the area.

The architecture in East London is a combination of 19th Century town houses that survived the Blitz. Brutalist architecture which was popular after the Second World War, and more modern modern designs like the Swiss RE Tower. (which I often spot on my walk to uni 🙂 )

I started exploring the architecture of my local universe by walking through the area and photographing interesting features of buildings and man made spaces in the area.

Inspired by the architecture in the area we then had a workshop in the studio. During the workshop we created images in response to the area by using lots of materials to create marks. This was fun as it required making our own mark making tools and then using inks and paints to construct the image. It was also great to experiment with different materials using found everyday items like coffee cups, cardboard and bubble wrap. My images kinda became collages as well as I incorporated some found items to create different textures.


Animation Tests

Animation, Local Universe

Today I have been catching up on a few projects and decided to test a few ideas for my animation. I haven’t really known where to start this project and have found it a bit daunting but decided to just start with something pretty simple and hope for the best.

For my first test I’ve handwritten ‘Local Universe’ in different colours, then added plants growing around the text. To do this I’ve scanned each page and made one addition each time. I then used an on online gif maker, setting the speed to 450milliseconds between 72 images on a constant loop.localuniverse1
I really like how this has turned out! for a first attempt it went pretty smoothly. It is a little bit jumpy at times and the background changes colour at one point. Next time I’ll may a bit more attention to editing the images once the have been scanned. I think this test has been pretty successful overall and it was pretty quick to put together.

My second test is just two images that I’ve taken from my first test. I love how simple this is, I could totally use this technique in my final animation.
local universe2


Final Brief, Local Universe, Visits, Visual Research and Inspiration

Wondered down to Carnaby Street on Thursday and managed to see Jenni Sparks work for GQ Style Night. The word ‘Carnaby’ was spelled out in giant concrete letters with Jenni Sparks illustrations covering them. The public was then invited to colour it in, like a giant 3D colouring book! So much fun!


I have written a little about Jenni Sparks work in my research post –Final Brief – Ideas, I love her detailed maps with a mixture of text and illustration. Check out more of Jenni Sparks work on her website here!