Final Print of the Final Project

Final Brief

Ive finally reached the end of my Final project for my studio Local Universe. I’ve had a lot of fun putting this project together! This project also gave me a great excuse to learn a new skill in wood cutting. I created 10 Editions of my prints in 2 designs and then added text and detail with fine liner, each print has been printed and drawn into by hand so they are all and different and individual.

I also created a quick video of the Final Print being drawn into, Music used is Un Gamin by Zoufris Maracas!

Each print is a celebration of my Local Universe and of East London i chose to name the project “E1”. I also decided it would be nice to have something relating to the area to accompany my prints, this would also help to bring context into it. I collected some fruit candies and mango puddings from Brick Lane, hand printed a design onto come small manila tags. I then tied the selection of sweets together with twine string to match the neutral colour of the tags. Ive called these “Hidden Treasure” As I feel it reflects the idea of discovering East London.

I’m so happy with how these have turned out and I think the prints look great with the ‘Hidden Treasure” Sweets bags! If I was to do this project again, I think I would use a larger range of colours in my wood cut prints, perhaps brighter colours like orange, red, yellow, bright greens. Over all I’m really happy with my final outcomes 🙂


Printing tags

CIP, Final Brief, Local Universe, visual identity

As I reach the end of my final project for my studio and further develop my visual identity in CIP. I’ve realised that my visual identity should be visible in all of my projects and should also be consistent. Ive already created a lino stamp with an abstract design, (that I may use as a logo) so decided to use this and print the design on to small tags i’ll use to package my final Local Universe editions.

I also made a quick video showing my process.

(the music I’ve used in my video is ‘Un Gamin – Zoufris Maracas 🙂 )

I really like the white block printing ink on these little manila tags, Block printing ink also tends to dry pretty quickly, so thats a bonus!


Final Brief, Local Universe, Visits, Visual Research and Inspiration

Wondered down to Carnaby Street on Thursday and managed to see Jenni Sparks work for GQ Style Night. The word ‘Carnaby’ was spelled out in giant concrete letters with Jenni Sparks illustrations covering them. The public was then invited to colour it in, like a giant 3D colouring book! So much fun!


I have written a little about Jenni Sparks work in my research post –Final Brief – Ideas, I love her detailed maps with a mixture of text and illustration. Check out more of Jenni Sparks work on her website here!

Printing in progress…

Final Brief, Local Universe

For my final brief of this year I have decided to do a series of prints that inform people about my local area. Inspired by hand drawn maps by Jenni Sparks, I’ve decided to create a print with illustrations about my local universe and then draw into these prints with written info relating to the area.

After spending a few hours in the print rooms and learning a bit more about wood block printing and how to carve the wood, I started on a simple design with illustrations depicting different aspects of London and my local area.


First few prints (above) After printing these with blue block printing ink, I’ve drawn into them slightly with a fine liner as I start building up my ideas. In my favourite print (below) I’ve mixed a bit of white into the blue block printing ink and then drawn into the print, Ive chosen to add Cockney Rhyme slang such as: Trouble and strife = Wife and Rosy Lea = Tea.

FMPRINT1-page-001I really like how these prints have turned out and now that I’m practicing carving wood i hope my next prints will be more detailed and have more illustrations within them. I would like to look more at hidden/unknown parts of my local universe and see if I can translate them into my prints.

Back to my research and sketchbook for now I think…

Final Brief – Ideas

Final Brief, Local Universe

Our final brief for the year in Local Universe we will be to create a piece of visual communication that can exist outside of the studio and in the real world. This piece of work will communicate something about my local universe to someone who might not know it. There are a few outcomes we can explore within this brief:

The final piece of work can be:

A publication
A piece of moving image (minimum three minutes)
Something interactive (website, wireframe for an app)
An event/series of events (workshop, performance, exhibition)
A set of prints (context MUST be considered)

The final outcome that most appeals to me is a set of prints. Ive always liked relief printing and I’ve been interested in exploring wood block printing for a while, so this feels like a good time to get learning.

I’ve done a few quick searches to get inspired as i want my prints to be informative and also fun!

I especially LOVE these hand drawn maps by Jenni Sparks (below) I would love to make a printed map of my Local Universe using elements of the area and its history. Check out Jenni Sparks website here!

jenni spark
I love Annotations reveal characteristics of an area that won’t appear on traditional maps. Dalston comes with a bicycle, plastic-framed glasses and a moustache, Rough Trade has music symbols and the tube lines are one of the only sections of colour throughout the piece.

Im excited to start working on my own map and prints!