Final Outcomes

Local Universe, Poster

After my initial experiments with letter press and paper type I decided to go ahead with 160gsm fine grain paper. I started out with A1 as I could cut this down easily, I would always rather have too much paper than too little. After creating a boarder of lino cut rain drops, I set out my text and letter pressed it.

image image
Im pretty chuffed with how these turned out. Initially I was only going to use the blue printing ink but I loved the darker silver so much that I chose to use it to and ended up with 2 final posters. 🙂


Posters Experiment

Local Universe, Poster

For my poster project I wanted to play with words and the meaning we associate with them. Ive chosen to focus on “Mind the Rain” playing on London Transports “Mind the Gap” and the wet weather London is known for.

After experimenting with different types of text I’ve chosen to experiment with letter press. I like the texture of letter press as it has a distressed quality to it. When thinking about rain falling on pen or ink, it smudges and takes on a similar distressed look so I feel this could potentially be pretty perfect for my poster.

Ive started looking at using letter letter press with different types of paper to see what different textures I can create. The First paper I’ve tried is 160gsm fine grain cartridge paper, I like the texture here!

The second paper type I’ve tried is 220gsm heavy weight paper. Not too sure of this one, but still have a few more I want to test so only time will tell.

Poster Ideas

Local Universe, Poster

For our Posters brief we were asked to explore print and create a poster. I wanted to use a play on words relating to London. One of the most common phrases used around London is “Mind the gap!” on London Underground. “Mind the gap” is  an audible or visual warning phrase issued to rail passengers in the United Kingdom to take caution while crossing the horizontal, and in some cases vertical, spatial gap between the train door and the station platform.
Mind the GapAnother comically British issue is bad weather. Its currently grey and raining outside so I decided to focus on the shitty weather and came up with the phrase Mind The Rain.

Weather memeI want to use a mixture of letter press for the text and lino cut block printing for the rain drops. Ive created a smaller A4 coloured with ink, but need to experiment with letter press and layout much more before I get to a final piece.

Ive started testing some letter press ideas as well.