Oh Gee, Pie! / Animations

Inventivity / Level 6, On Your Marks / Oh Gee, Pie!

Going back to my ideas for Oh Gee, Pie! I decided to create some quick animations/gifs.  The first one I created shows the process of drawing a slice of pie, the second shows a cup of tea spilling onto a table with the name ‘Oh Gee, Pie!’ spelled out in the tea. The final animation shows a pie being drawn and then each slice removed to show the name ‘Oh Gee, Pie!’ in the pie tray. Im pretty happy with these animations as I created them to test my ideas but I would like to now create a longer version, telling more of a story about my brand. Back to the storyboard for now…


Oh Gee, Pie! / Concept Board

Inventivity / Level 6, On Your Marks / Oh Gee, Pie!

A Concept Board is a way to help a client visualise how their brand might look and feel. It takes key components of the brand identity and allows the client to get a visual sense of what their band could become.

I wanted my concept board to have images relating to different aspects of the visual identity of Oh Gee, Pie! When I think of Oh Gee, Pie! I think of Shoreditch and East London, stylish cafes with a vintage edge to the design, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but ultimately delicious food!

There is something wonderful about sitting round a table sharing a meal, surrounded by friends and family. The sound of conversation around you, the smells of the different foods taking you back to your childhood, Familiarity. You are wrapped in love and belonging. These are your people, this is your food. Welcome Home.

This is the feeling I want to create as the brand identity for OGP.

As I created my concept board I looked at the brand Values of OGP and picked out what I thought would important going forward in my design work: Family, Togetherness, Community, Local, Fresh and Handmade. It took a while to find a font that reflected my visual identity I settled on ‘Typewriter’ as I felt this suited the vintage, nostalgic feel I am going for.


I’ve been considering a few different tag lines for OGP and I think the one that most reflects the style and feel of the brand identity is ‘Welcome Home’ I want to explore how I could use this as the starting point for the tone of voice the brand will have and how it can communicated to its audience.

Experiments / Colour and Texture

Inventivity / Level 6, On Your Marks / Oh Gee, Pie!

Diving straight into my first brief I wanted to experiment with colour and texture for Oh Gee, Pie!

I wanted to start by looking into different ingredients of different American style pies like Key Lime pie, Pumpkin Pie, Apple pies and Pecan Pies, I wanted to look primarily at the textures and colours within some of the key ingredients such as the pecans in Pecan pie and apples in Apple pies.

I started by using different fruits to create quick prints using different coloured inks, these are really nice and I really liked the level of detail captured, I used a fine liner on some of these prints to outline different segments of the fruits.

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I then created some different pieces of work focussing on colour, I added spots of vibrant colours with watercolour and ink and then used a fine liner to add other details I felt could be important.

I think these have been quite successful as they have given me some ideas to work with, I really liked the more abstract pieces such as the Apple pie and the Pecan pie, I think these could be really nice to use for aspects of packaging. I think the Pumpkin pie piece is a bit too literal, its really obviously pumpkins and whist I do like the colours here I don’t think this works as well as the more abstract work.

Oh Gee, Pie! / Design and Visualisation

On Your Marks / Oh Gee, Pie!, Visual Research and Inspiration

During last Fridays lesson we started to look at design and visualisation by creating case studies of different design and brand elements that help to bring a concept to life. In a sense getting inside the head of the designer that created it and looking at all of the key elements that create a strong brand. A vital part of this is exploration, observation and analysis

“Visualisation aims to bring key ideas and narratives to life. Artwork and design play a key role in this process by placing primary design materials into realistic environments”

As my main focus is café and bakeries as I continue researching for my brief with Oh Gee, Pie! I looked at local places in the area around the uni (Luckily East London is a fantastic place to find great cafés!) I started my search there.

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One of the first places I visited was Exmouth Coffee Co, they had a really rustic feel to their establishment, which I loved. They made use of wooden menus and boards re enforcing the rustic, country feel to the café. They also sold different coffees in pastel coloured paper packages and the back wall was completely covered in small drawings and messages left by customers and stuck to the wall with their own branded stickers.


Bellboi is another small café with a selection of coffees and cakes. What first struck me about this hidden gem was the outside if the shop, which is beautifully illustrated (I’m told the artwork is by a local artist) and the matching coffee cups with the same design! A great way of advertising the café and keeping a consistent and cohesive design concept.


My favourite place was definitely Dark Sugars Chocolates, as you walk through the door you are greeted by a beautifully illustrated botanical menu on a chalk board. The design concept for the shop is definitely natural with the importance on the cocoa plant (one of two shops on Brick Lane BTW J) The walls are different shades of brown and gold and just ooze luxury whilst the handcrafted chocolates are displayed in enormous sea shells on wooden stands. I was also thrilled to see artwork on display and for sale by local artists in the area!


Chocolate, coffee and artwork… What more could you want?!

On Your Marks / Branding Pitches

On Your Marks / Oh Gee, Pie!

For our first project we have been given the opportunity to work with live briefs from three different companies that are looking for a brand identity. We started out by looking at each company and getting to know their products, we then listened to some pitches from each company to help us make up our minds.

The first company makes healthy smoothies and is called BUI. BUI has a really unique product creating healthy smoothies by using a super food called the baobab fruit from Gambia. The Baobab fruit itself is really intriguing and using super foods in commercial products is really popular. You will find plenty of products boasting their health benefits in many health food shops and supermarkets but the Baobab fruit is one I haven’t seen much before.

The next presentation was from a skin care company called Scrub Up Your Life (SUYL) this company has a really cool product creating a face scrub from recycled coffee grinds as well as other skin care items. Recycling Is really important and I love companies that try to be kind and fair to our environment. Creating a new product by reusing another product, like coffee, is great and really appeals to my inner environmental warrior.

Last but certainly not least was Oh Gee, Pie! This is a company that creates beautiful, handcrafted American style sweet pies! (Be still my beating heart…) Not only is this company creating incredible food but they also have an aspiration of giving back to the community by creating a network of mentors, work skills projects and a safe space for young people to achieve their future dreams.
oh-gee-pieThis company immediately appealed to me, food is something that evokes a strong feeling of nostalgia for me, reminding me of times sat round the dinner table, sharing food, chatting and feeling a part of something. It reminds me of my grandmother, mother, family, friends, love and being loved.

I would really like to create a vibrant, warm and comforting brand identity to showcase these fantastic products and I feel like a brand identity like this could also be used in a slightly different way to create a lively and supportive place in the heart of the community.

Three cheers for pie!