Making a Living Week / CV Workshop

HotHouse Talks, Visits and Talks

During making a living week we had some really interesting talks about how we can use our creative practice in the working world and make a decent living. One of the talks I found really helpful was with Fiona Tracey, the Careers and Employability Service Manager. Fiona helped me to understand what is really relevant to have on your CV and how to construct my CV in the best way possible, giving myself the best chance when applying for future jobs. Check out the info on the student career portal here!

Here are some notes I took whilst in her talk:

“A degree is your starting point, it shows a level of dedication and skill but relevant experience in the right fields will be your vehicle to navigate the working world.”

Your CV’s presentation is key, as a creative practitioner your CV should say something about you. Be clear and concise.

What are your personal principles, your bottom line?
Not all jobs are right for everyone, try to have an idea of what you want out of a job and then look for jobs that match your values… its not just about paying the bills, you’ve got to enjoy what your doing!

CV info

  • Your CV is your marketing tool, it is designed to get a potential employer to want to know more about you, keep it relevant and to the point.

What should your CV have on it: 1/2 Sides of A4 paper

  • Name and contact info (no need for your gender/ date of birth)
  • Education history
  • Interests (only if relevant)
  • Relevant experience in university, this can be under the heading ‘Projects’ (Live projects, exhibitions, published work)
  • Volunteering
  • Achievements: (Awards, Exhibitions, Scholarships)
  • Information should be displayed in a reverse chronological order
  • Skills (photography, adobe etc)
  • Skills relating to communication, customer service, selling etc
  • Work Experience (Reverse chronological order, you must prioritise what experience is relevant)
  • Any additional training
  • Websites, linkdin (be careful of what you put on social media and privacy settings, separate your personal and public) only if relevant

Cover letters will expand on details in your CV

So basically… It’s a hell of job to get a job!



HotHouse Talks – Sarah Boris

HotHouse Talks, Visits and Talks

The Hothouse talks showcase industry professionals from across design and illustration Friday’s HotHouse talk was with Sarah Boris.

Sarah Boris is an award winning graphic designer, art director and artist based in London running her design practise. She was Associate Art Director at Phaidon Press until February 2015.

Sarah Boris spoke about how she got her first jobs after graduating with the Barbican as part if their ‘in-house’ design team as a junior graphic designer. She had originally applied to the Barbican for an internship but heard nothing back and assumed she had lost out. Weeks later a position for the junior graphic designer came available and Sarah created a whole new application and, with a bit of persistence, was given the job! From there Sarah Boris’s career has gone from strength to Strength.


ICA Posters I-III (

Sarah Boris has worked since 2005 for organisations which include Tate, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the Barbican Centre, the Architecture Foundation, Triangle Network, Gasworks, Hotshoe International, Max Wigram Gallery, Visiting Arts, Fedrigoni and the Royal Philharmonic Society amongst others. Sarah Boris talked about how working on projects like these have shaped her career as a graphic designer and she sees herself going in the future. She discussed her process when designing and what interests her as an artist.

It was great to see some of the incredible work Sarah Boris has done and inspiring to hear how she has grown her career through hard work and dedication. Check out Sarah Boris’ website here.

HotHouse Talks – Paul Jenkins

HotHouse Talks, Visits and Talks

The Hothouse talks showcase industry professionals from across design and illustration, creating a space where design professionals, students and alumni can learn about about different areas of illustration and graphic design. Todays HotHouse Talk is by Paul Jenkins of Triple Double.

Tearing up the Court - Triple Double Design Studio

Tearing up the Court – Triple Double

Paul founded Triple Double, a multi-disciplinary design studio earlier this year and has experience spanning London, Berlin and Tokyo. He works with many disciplines including graphic design, branding, art direction, concept and campaign development, digital design, social media and project curation. I think its fair to say he knows what he’s talking about!

Paul Jenkins discussing his work with Speedo

Paul Jenkins discussing his work and process

Paul discussed his design process from the initial ideas through sketching and developing and finally to the finished product. Emphasising that its important to develop a relationship with your project, research it and really become an expert on it. Then Sketching and developing your ideas on paper before editing it and coming to a final design. Paul also said how important collaboration is in his studio and that two heads are always better than one!

It was an incredibly inspiring talk and Paul was quick to answer any questions we had and tell us about his past experiences and projects that helped to shape him as an artist.