D&AD / Foodies

D&AD, Inventivity / Level 6

As I’ve been researching Amazon Fresh and other online grocery stores, one of the things  O have really noticed is the way food is photographed, its beautifully dressed on the plate and visually appealing,  the colours are balanced and complimentary and it really looks prefect, restaurant quality. This really reminds me of the instragram pages dedicated to “foodies” or “food porn”.

I really like these constructed images and think that this could be a theme that would be useful in my D&AD Design Competition brief, what might be pretty nice is if i illustrate foods bit in this really detailed, rustic, foodie style.



D&AD / Work Placement

D&AD, Inventivity / Level 6

As I’ve developed my leaflet design for Cancer Research UK and the Tobacco Tax Symposium ( link to my previous post about this here ) Ive considered the layout of information. My client liked the idea of using this leaflet to promote the symposium as well as a poster that could be kept and display by the audience. I spent a day researching and testing different types of leaflet folds and then created prototypes that I could show my client to help her better understand the pros and cons of each design and make a decision. I find its always easier to visualise a project if there is a physical example so i thought it would be good for my client to be able to visualise what the leaflet might look like in a variety of different styles.

16 Pannel Fold:


Half Fold + Half Fold:


8 Panel Roll Roll:


Tri Fold + Z Fold:


Tri Fold + Half Fold:


5 Panel Accordion fold:


Die – Cut Z Fold:


4 panel Roll Fold:


4 panel Accordion Roll:


Z Fold


Double Gate Fold


Four Panel Fold


Tri Fold


Classic Half Fold