Jabberwocky / Coffee Cards

Inventivity / Level 6, Jabberwocky Cafe

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D&AD / Foodies

D&AD, Inventivity / Level 6

As I’ve been researching Amazon Fresh and other online grocery stores, one of the things  O have really noticed is the way food is photographed, its beautifully dressed on the plate and visually appealing,  the colours are balanced and complimentary and it really looks prefect, restaurant quality. This really reminds me of the instragram pages dedicated to “foodies” or “food porn”.

I really like these constructed images and think that this could be a theme that would be useful in my D&AD Design Competition brief, what might be pretty nice is if i illustrate foods bit in this really detailed, rustic, foodie style.


Jabberwocky / Cafe Concept

Inventivity / Level 6, Jabberwocky Cafe

Ive developed a concept for my cafe and now after testing my idea, its important to see how it might look in real cafe setting. I found a few images of cafe’s with a style similar to what I have envisioned and used photoshop to add my own creations and manipulate the size and perspective to fit this real setting, This gives me a real idea of what my cafe might look like and helps to think more ideas of items for my cafe to further my branding concept.


D&AD / Work Placement

D&AD, Inventivity / Level 6

I completed over 60 hours of my work placement for my D&AD Brief with an organisation doing some amazing work, Cancer Research UK. I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with the Infographics and Design / Social Media department and get a first hand look at how design work for one of the most well known charities in the UK is created. I spent the first few days of my work placements learning about how different aspects of the brand identity of CRUK is used on a variety of different platforms,  from print to web and 3D branded objects and shops.

The project I was given responsibility of was to create a leaflet to promote the Tobacco Tax Symposium being held by Cancer Research UK during the World Cancer Congress 2016, being held in Paris. The Conference sees thousands of experts of cancer research around the world. To create this leaflet I had to meet with my client, discuss and agree on specifics of a brief. Once agreed I would then use adobe InDesign and Illustrator to create a visually exciting leaflet that meets the clients needs.

I met and liaised with internal and external printers to find the best and most economic way to print the leaflets and then met with the client to show updates on the design and ask for feedback, check any specific details and then agree specific elements such as the cost of printing and all final details, like the times/dates and locations (Ive learned that things can change so its important to keep checking details at each meeting)

Below is my document kept to record details of my day to day work during my work placement.

Jabberwocky / Character Cards

Inventivity / Level 6, Jabberwocky Cafe, Projects

After a really good tutorial with Emily I decided that my cafe was starting to look a little too busy with my patterned cup/wallpaper design and my colourful characters. It felt like the two styles were really disconnected so it would be important to now edit my development work and focus on one style or find a way to use the two together. I decided to spend a bit more time focussing on my illustrations and would o back to my patterns slightly later.

I considered how I could use these designs to create merchandise and use with in my brand, I really loved the merchandising of cafe’s such as the Cereal killer Cafe so so spent a bit of time looking at the way they merchandise products in their cafe, such as badges, fridge magnets, cook books, wallpaper, posters and t-shirts.

I decided that i would create some A5 cards, badges, Fridge magnets and tea towels / aprons as merchandise with in my cafe, and my colourful illustrations would work really well as I can isolate each illustration so would have a number of different designs which could be collected. To illustrate how I could package my badges, I created a card and badge design, using a bright blue background and confetti with the badges displayed in the centre. badges.jpg
I also created a series of cards based on my illustrations that could be packaged and sold separately or as a set.


FMP / Font

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6

As I’ve created and developed my tag line and brand logo, I’ve considered fonts and tried and tested them. I wanted my font to have a Victorian inspiration and to reflect the Victorian theme of my cabinet of curiosities whist also being clean and recognisable. I did a lot of research into Victorian Typefaces and looked at shop fronts, advertising and product designs.

I decided on the Typeface Imprint Shadow for my own brand, simpler and cleaner than other typefaces but inspired by these Victorian styles. font



FMP / Creating a Brand Identity

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6

As my FMP started to take shape, I have looked at how I can create a brand identity.

What is ‘Brand Identity’

“A company’s brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. The components of the brand (name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface) are created by the business to reflect the value the company is trying to bring to the market and to appeal to its customers.”

Logo Design:

A large part of my FMP relates to collecting and entomology so I started by looking at the illustrations I had created for prints on my stand and picking out elements that were visually exciting as well as effectively communicating my theme and ideas. I looked first at using Lino to recreate elements of my illustrations first as a lot of my work mixes illustration and printing so I thought it might be interesting to turn an existing illustration into a print. But ultimately I didn’t feel that this captured what I wanted it to so went back to my illustrations. After some experimentation I decided to isolate one of my illustrations from my ‘Insect Bell Jar” – the Dead Head Moth.  


The Dead Head Moth is a species found in Europe, the largest moth to appear in Britain, sporting a wingspan of up to 12 or 13cm, it is a striking species, though it is not a native. Immigrants arrive from southern Europe, usually several hundreds in each year, during late summer and autumn.  The species name Atropos is often related to death, derived from Atropos. Atropos was one of the three Moirai, goddesses of fate and destiny. In addition the genus name Acherontia is derived from Acheron, a river in Greece, which in Greek mythology was known as the river of pain, and was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld. The moth is also featured in popular culture in books such as Bram Stokers ‘Dracula’ and the film, ‘Silence of the Lambs’ as the calling card of the character Buffalo Bill.

Ive chosen this Moth to be my logo design as it is a species that is often misunderstood and has a lot of folklore and meaning behind it, it appears in Britain, though its not native, its more of a passing visitor and is incredibly striking and recognisable.

I then used my chosen TypeFace to apply my brand name ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ and experimented with design and layout unit I created something which felt well balanced and visually appealing. Once I had a fully realised logo design, I started to explore how I could use this design to create a sense of continuity on my stand and bring all my different products and designs together under one brand identity and voice.

My final Design:

Bizarre Bazaar Logo design

Creating Continuity:

I decided to use my logo design to give a sense of continuity on my stand, so that all of my different products, prints and designs would feel connected to each other and to my larger brand ‘Bizarre Bazaar’. I decided to create a table cloth pattern using my logo design and have this printed. then I created a matching but larger hanging banner that would be clipped to the front of my stand. I also used my moth in different ways creating a fabric flower and pinning it to a top hat that I used as a prop on my stand.

Tag Line:

My tagline for my brand creation ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ took a bit of work. I decided to play with the repetition of the letter “B” as its repeated in my brand name. and eventually settled on ‘Be Bizarre’ as this short phrase encapsulates what my brand is all about. Love the weird parts of yourself and the world around you, Bizarre is beautiful, extraordinary, and exciting. Be Bizarre! 

moth logo with tag

Research and Inspiration / Eleanor Shakespeare

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6, Visual Research and Inspiration

Eleanor Shakespeare is an illustrator and designer based in South London and creates beautiful pieces using photomontage image making. She had had work published for the Guardian, Variety, The Washington Post, The Globe & Mail, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Politico, Waitrose Magazine, Easyjet Traveller, Therapy Today, Times Higher Education, BBC History amongst others. Eleanor Shakespeare has also had her illustrations published in books such as ‘Cut, Paste, Create’ and ‘Stormy Seas’. Her style of illustration is magical and really speaks to me as an illustrator and designer.

‘Stormy Seas’ is a book detailing the stories of young refugees risking their lives to reach safety is not new. For hundreds of years, people have left behind family, friends, and all they know in hope of a better life. This book presents five true stories about young people who lived through the harrowing experience of setting sail in search of asylum. and is beautifully illustrated throughout by Eleanor Shakespeare.

Eleanor Shakespeare uses a combination of illustration, photomontage with contemporary and vintage images to create through provoking and inspiring images. and her work has been a huge inspiration for my animation for my FMP brand ‘Bizarre Bazaar’. I would like to create a stop motion animation using a series of vintage and ‘found’ images as well as my own illustrations to tell the story of Cabinets of Curiosities and of my own creation ‘Bizarre Bazaar’. Looking at the use and composition of Eleanor’s images have really helped me to shape my own ideas and think outside of the box!

Research and Inspiration / The Last Tuesday Society

Final Major project, Inventivity / Level 6, Visual Research and Inspiration

As part of the research and exploration for my Final Major Project I’ve been visiting different collections of natural forms around London. One of the places I’ve been most excited to visit is The Last Tuesday Society and Victor Wynd’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The museum can be found in Bethnal Green, a few minutes walk from the underground station and its beautifully bizarre.


As you walk into The Last Tuesday Society you are immediately surrounded by taxidermy animals in the bar area. The bar is inspired by prohibition, theres plenty of cocktails and a whole list of absinth’s to try! Go down the staircase into the museum and cabinet of curiosities and things get a whole lot weirder (In a good way). The Museum is filled wall to wall with strange and unusual natural and man made curiosities. From the doodles and paintings of prison inmates to a two-headed cat and even Amy Winehouse’s Poo in a jar. This museum doesn’t even attempt to categorise its thousands of objects, everything is placed together on the shelves and tells its own twisted stories, much like the wunderkabinett’s of the past.

“By placing the rare and the beautiful on the same plane as the commonplace, banal & amusing this museum seeks not to educate but to subvert, to show the world not in a grain of sand, but in a Hackney basement.”

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Ive looked at this museum because it is the best example of a modern Cabinet of Curiosities. Its where the unusual and extraordinary natural curiosities of the past meet the kooky collections of the present and future. Fossils of extinct animals sitting alongside McDonalds happy meal toys collected through the 90’s. The lack of categorisation is important, Cabinets of Curiosities, attempted to tell stories about the wonders and oddities of the natural world through collections of weird and amazing objects. It was an attempt of understanding the world by collecting and self categorisation in a time where there was very little scientific categorisation of the natural world. As we have developed as a society these weird collections are bound to be influenced by the man made world around us more and more. Basically people are pretty weird.

“The Museum has no overreaching aim beyond the theft of it’s visitors time and the hope that it will provide amusement by return & hopes to fill the vacuum between what the establishment elite believes is worthy of worship & what really exists in the world.”

Check out the Website here!