Final Print of the Final Project

Final Brief

Ive finally reached the end of my Final project for my studio Local Universe. I’ve had a lot of fun putting this project together! This project also gave me a great excuse to learn a new skill in wood cutting. I created 10 Editions of my prints in 2 designs and then added text and detail with fine liner, each print has been printed and drawn into by hand so they are all and different and individual.

I also created a quick video of the Final Print being drawn into, Music used is Un Gamin by Zoufris Maracas!

Each print is a celebration of my Local Universe and of East London i chose to name the project “E1”. I also decided it would be nice to have something relating to the area to accompany my prints, this would also help to bring context into it. I collected some fruit candies and mango puddings from Brick Lane, hand printed a design onto come small manila tags. I then tied the selection of sweets together with twine string to match the neutral colour of the tags. Ive called these “Hidden Treasure” As I feel it reflects the idea of discovering East London.

I’m so happy with how these have turned out and I think the prints look great with the ‘Hidden Treasure” Sweets bags! If I was to do this project again, I think I would use a larger range of colours in my wood cut prints, perhaps brighter colours like orange, red, yellow, bright greens. Over all I’m really happy with my final outcomes đŸ™‚


Editions-Final Outcomes

Edition, Local Universe

For my Editions Project (Possibly my favourite project) I created an edition of prints. To create these prints I used collage, which is something I’ve always enjoyed đŸ™‚ I created the images by layering collage and scanning each layer as I went. I used some of the same elements in most images so there are similar patters and textures in each print. The images focus on the life of Frances Shea, the first wife of Reggie Kray. As I’ve created the collages I’ve tried to use items found in my Local Universe and the East End as much as I can, I felt this was important as Frances Shea’s life is intertwined with the East End.

I created an Edition of 5 A3 prints and 25 A5 prints. To accompany these prints I created a small a5 card that explained a little about Frances Shea and her life, On the front of the print I chose a blown up/slightly distorted version of a pattern that I’ve repeated through the prints.

Final Outcomes

Local Universe, Poster

After my initial experiments with letter press and paper type I decided to go ahead with 160gsm fine grain paper. I started out with A1 as I could cut this down easily, I would always rather have too much paper than too little. After creating a boarder of lino cut rain drops, I set out my text and letter pressed it.

image image
Im pretty chuffed with how these turned out. Initially I was only going to use the blue printing ink but I loved the darker silver so much that I chose to use it to and ended up with 2 final posters. đŸ™‚

Duke of Uke – Final outcomes

CIP, Duke of Uke, Projects

Finally got to the end of our Duke of Uke project for CIP. This live project is a celebration of the 10 year anniversary for the Duke of Uke, a Ukulele and Banjo emporium based on Cheshire Street in East London. Check out their website and grab yourself a new instrument here!

For this brief I chose to explore the 5 visuals for the instagram. After plenty of research I decided on doing 5 images that were based on different seasons/times of celebration throughout the year. I created my initial designs in my sketchbook and then decided to use ink to colour the images and final liner for the fine details. Once I decided on my colour palette for each image I then tested various paper types and settled on khaki handmade paper (which is amazing! and great for ink and watercolours!)

These are my Final outcomes for the Project:
duke of uke1-page-001duke of uke2-page-001duke of uke3-page-001duke of uke4-page-001duke of uke5-page-001

I absolutely love the how these have turned out, and despite how nervous I was to present my ideas to the Duke of Uke I am thrilled that they liked them too and chose to use them! So excited to carry on working and developing these ideas for the 10 year anniversary of a fantastic store!